Small Space Decor Solutions

Whether you just moved into your new apartment , or buying a home for the first time there is one thing that people always get excited about .. decore! Yes in an idea world that would be true. But let’s be honest most time it could be a scary experience, especially if you have no idea what your doing. This process get worse often time when you visit furniture stores. The sells people expect you to know the difference between an armoire and an end table. We are gonna try to make it simple and easy by just doing one room today .. the living area.

The living room can be tricky because this is often the first room that is seen. That means this is the first impression room. Make it simple by not crowding the room. Open spaces are not only more attractive , but provide the ocular deception of more space ..even if the room is smaller . Here is a decor tip for small spaces: If the room is 300 sf or less, use the four item rule. One couch , One plant , One shelf or tv stand and One piece of art or a lamp. Don’t bother with an area rug. That will only make the room appear smaller. We sell so many great decor options at our store that will fit any small or large space!

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